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Participation in a well-known premium vehicle refiner (tuner)

Status Quo

The company was founded more than 20 years ago and is one of the trailblazers in the tuning scene. Countless record profits and awards such as Bests on international racetracks, high-speed records and awards for various premium vehicle conversions speak for the quality and the excess of vehicle performance. Motorsports media consistently rate the vehicles with enthusiasm. Many years of experience and the associated market establishment in the field of performance enhancement and vehicle optimization ensure economic success and at the same time offer enormous growth opportunities.


As a result of consistently pursuing R & D investments in the past, the company will launch a new innovative product with a significant unique selling point in the near future. Also, in the future, sensational car conversion projects will be carried out on a regular basis. In the wake of an expansive growth strategy, the range of sales offices is to be extended to the entire globe in the next step. The aim of the company is to continue to offer its customers exclusive, individual premium conversions and brute engine performance.


The combination of many years of know-how, technical capability and existing sales bases form a stable sales and profit basis. Implemented R & D investments and international recognition offer enormous growth potential.




2017: approx. 6,3 Million. €


A transfer of the teaser is only permitted after previous agreement, Please contact us immediatly