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Logistic (Transportation, Customs clearance, Warehousing and Distribution)

With years of experience in all logistical aspects, we can provide you with great help in finding the right partner-s in Turkey but also worldwide. We further can assist you in Turkey to be your partner and acting as your company for the Distribution of your goods and or projects.

Just contact us and we will find a suitable way for your requests.

Q003 : If I come to Kuşadasi, are you going to help us ?

Definitely, as per our site information "see our services", we will, as offered, collect you at Izmir Adnan Menderes airport, arrange for Hotel and any other needs you may have during your stay.

Q008 : How does Kuşadasi population looks like ?

With a population of around 100'000 people, Kuşadasi is a little town with school, colleges, university, commercial centres, shops, restaurants, bazars, several hospitals, Cliniques. It is a very alive town all year through. Definitively, the activities are getting smaller in wintertime but still the something happen contrary to other little touristic places made only for summer time.

Q009 : The religion, any issue ?

Turkey has become Muslims since 1924 (Atatürk revolution and modernization). Nevertheless in the Western Turkey, the religion exists but is not as used as in the Eastern Turkey. People are rather moderate and still have an open mind on the other religions. The only matter that is hardly difficult to find, is pork. For all the rest, you are using to consume, you will find it in Turkey and these are surely not forbidden. (Alcohol, cigarettes)

Q013 : Can we have a training/coaching customised ?

Yes, you have list of several training/coaching available. Each of them is customised in accordance with your wishes. Furthermore you should need special training/coaching, non-existing on our list, we can work together to develop the required training/coaching