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Welcome to Globalarranger’s AṢ concept.

You are an individual or owner or employee of a company.

You are abroad and are willing to use one or several of our services.

This is very simple as we have and will search the customised solution for your needs.

At this stage we will become partners (with all meanings behind, trust, transparency, security, quality and rapidity).

To enter/start our partnership, we are asking our customers to adhere to our VIP services (modality see bellow).

This adhesion will allow you to ask quotation for any of our services shown and be the VIP users of our services.

Once we become partners, you will have a lot of further information available on our site such as :

  • News what's new in Turkey ? Finance, fluctuation of the TYR
  • Follow your previous inquiries
  • Status of your previous and current inquiries
  • More to come

For your first inquiry, and to allow you trying our services we will let you have a free access to our services thus allowing showing us your request-s.

Once operation succeeds, you will then get to the adhesion steps.

You want to use our services and become an Arranger's VIP customer, the process is very simple.

To adhere to our concept, we will request our customers to pay us an adhesion fee of € 75.00 for the first year and € 50.00 for the following years through the payment to the following account :

Account in Switzerland to be used for Globalarranger

Beneficiary :   Pierre Jaccoud, C/o L. Mokhtar-Jaccoud, Bernex-en-Combes 10,

                       CH – 1233 Bernex/Switzerland

Iban :               CH75 8018 1000 0003 9948 0

Bank :             Banque Raiffeisen Region GENEVE-RHONE, Case postale 436, CH – 1213

                        Petit-Lancy 1

Bank code :    80181

BIC :               RAIFCH22

Paying this fee, you will benefit from our special treatments and services. This will give you the access through us, to the wide range of contacts "any domain" in Turkey thus getting you, where you intend to be.

Other services are also available such as :

  • You have bought a flat in Turkey. You need to have some repairs made in your flat. You want a internet connection, you don't have a telephone line, etc... You don't speak for the time the Turkish language,
    • Globalarranger will have the right people doing the job, at the right price and will further make the follow-up of the repairs/installations.
  • You are willing to rent a flat for your vacations.
    • Globalarranger will propose you some possibilities, will show you the way for payment, will collect you at your arrival at the airport in Izmir, and/or have you collected, will have the flat ready for you, clean with all necessary material as per your requirements.

All these services will be arranged for you but all relevant costs will be debited to you.

Don't hesitate to contact us anytime info@globalarranger.com



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